“The Vision of the Department of Economics is to achieve excellence in economics thoughts, teaching, education, research and service to the College, University and Community.”


  • To provide quality education in the field of Economics and mould students to suit the national interest with social commitment.
  • To equip students with an ability to analyse the local, national and global economic situation/ trends.

  • To train students to take up social responsibilities as well as opt good career.

Sr. No. Name Designation Experience Subject Taught Special Area
1 Dr. Snehal Nilesh Deshmukh Head of the Department (HOD) 9 SYBA – Indian Economy (Eco III), TYBA – Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Environmental Economics, Economics of Development, Theory of Economic Ideas, International Trade and Practices, STBCOM – Business Economics, TYBCOM – International Economics Micro Finance, International Economics, Micro Economics, Macro Economics.
2 Mr. Amol Bhaurao Sonawane Assistant professor 5 FYBA -Micro Economics, SYBA – Macro Economics (Eco II), TYBA – Growth and Development, International Trade, Industrial Labour Economics , Research Methodology, FYBCOM – Business Economics Micro Economics, Macro Economics. Research Methodology
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Dr. Snehal Deshmukh

Sr. No. Title of Paper Name of Journal Year of Publication ISSN Number
1 Roll of SHG in Women Empowerment of Thane District & Unorganised Sector Marathi Arthashatra Parisad, 34th National Seminar, Nov. 2010.
2 Self-Help Groups and Women Empowerment in Thane District Research Aaj-Tak  April-June 2012 ISSN 2278-2001
3 Rural Economy Arthasavad  July-Sept 2016 ISSN 0973-8452
4 Bhartiya MahilaSakshmikarnachiVatchal PUNE RESEARCH SCHOLAR  April-May 2016 ISSN 2455-314X
5 Mahila Shikshan ani Sashamikaranat Dr. Ambedkaran che Yogdan National Seminar  Feb.2016 ISBN -978-93-83342-25-g
6 Enviromental Change And Indian Economy An International Multidiciplinary Quartarly Research Journal  Oct-Dec 2018 ISSN 2277-5730

Mr. Amol Sonawane

Sr. No. Title of Paper Name of Journal Year of Publication ISSN Number
1 “Sustainable Development: Impact on Trade, Commerce, Economics and Science” National Seminar 2016
2 “Non-Performing Assets of Indian Banking System and its Impact on Economy” National Seminar  2018

World Population Day

Gurupournima Celebration

Investor Awareness Program

Lecture on Stock Exchange

Audio Visual Lecture on Budget

Anchoring Competition

Parents Meeting

Birthday Celebration

Send Off to TYBA (Economics)

Sr. No. Name of Student Position
1 Mr. Manoj Jadhav Assit Professor
2 Mr. Mahesh Kshirsagar Businessman
3 Ms. Dipti Bhoir Assit Professor
4 Mr. Nilesh Thombre Artist
5 Mr. Bhushan Agivale Bank Employee
6 Mr. Rohit Deshmukh Railway Employee
7 Ms. Snehal Gaikwad Advocate
8 Mr. Vinayak Rathod Home Guard
9 Mr. Hemant Mate Service
10 Ms. Madhuri Kalokhe Teacher
11 Ms. Payal Mate Bank Employee
12 Mr. Prashant Patil Businessman
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