1. Title of the Practice: Vadhdivas -Dnyan Divas

2. Objectives of the Practice:

  1. To encourages students to celebrate their ‘Birthday’ by donating book to the college library.
  2. To inculcate the value of importance of book.
  3. To avoid wasteful expenditure spend at occasion of Birthday.
  4. To utilize the amount collected on occasion of birthday for better purpose like donation’.

3. The Context feature:

In the 21th century students/youth are not aware about the ‘Money Investment’ and they just spend a lot of money on their ‘Birthday’ by purchasing a Huge Birthday Cake, Candles, Balloons and giving parties etc.

The college is making students aware about the best uses of money. The generous donation in the form of books to college library will imbibe message of good deeds and Indian ethical values amongst students and this will create learning cooperative environment with supportive students for college development.

4. The Practice:

’Vadhdivas – Dnyan Divas’ is the practice carried out from the last three years. In the practice all college students are encourage to celebrate their Birthday by donating at least one book to the college library. Students are make aware about how to utilize money properly on the occasion of birthday instead of spending that money on a Huge Birthday Cake, Candles, Party, and Balloons etc. After the appeal not only the college students but the teacher also celebrated their ‘Birthday’ by donating books to the college library.

After received the books by teacher or student to the library, the name and birth date of donor is written on the front page of the book. It encourages rest of the students to donate book to the library on their birthday.

5. Evidence of Success

The student and teachers celebrated their Birthday by donating the book to the college

Library and 62 Books are collected till the date.

6. Problems Encountered:

  • All students are appeal to celebrate their birthday by donating the book but only few students are donating books to the library.
  • Due to Covid -19 restrictions the College regular activities like lectures were conducted on online mode between the academic years 2019 to 2021 therefore very few books are collected.


1. Title of the Practice: ‘Matoshree Sumati Chintamani Tipnis’ The State Level Intercollegiate Competition

2. Objectives of the Practice:

  1. To provide a platform to students become a good speaker.
  2. To develop students’ skill in becoming a good communicator.
  3. To build stage courage among the students.
  4. To develop personality of students.

3. The Context feature:

Public speaking is an art which can make person enough confident about their opinions. It is important to develop the good communication skills amongst students so that they can face competitive world. This practice makes them a good speaker and develops leadership quality among them. This practice resulted into providing a good platform to students where students can make a good deliberation on important social issues through the topics provided by college for elocution competition.

Since 2017 college has been providing a platform to the students’ community by organising a state level elocution competition through this practice. It encourages students across the Maharashtra for participation in this event.

4. The Practice:

The college organizes the State Level Intercollegiate Competition named as ‘Matoshree Sumati Chintamani Tipnis Elocution Competition’ every year. The subjects of the competition are decided by organizing committee in the consultation with the principal. Subjects of the competition are decided after considering the current scenario. The organizing committee prepares the brochure containing the registration mode as well as the rules and other details of the competition. The said brochures are sent to colleges all over the Maharashtra by using different modes of communication. Participant is suggested to register their name before the competition. The rules & regulation are decided by the organizing committee and are strictly followed. External judges are invited from various colleges to maintain the transparency in competition. The results of the competition are declared on same day.

This competition is conducted every year since 2017, even in the last two academic year in the dark shadow of covid-19 pandemic the institute has successfully conducted this competition on virtual platform.

5. Evidence of Success

In the ‘Matoshree Sumati Chintamani Tipnis’ the State Level Intercollegiate Competition students are participating across the Maharashtra. Student from various colleges like: Ferguson College Pune, Vartak College Vasai, Modern College Pune, Sathye College Virleparle, Joshi-Bedekar college Thane, Sangola college Sangola-Solapur, S.B. college Aurnagabaad, D.Y. Patil New Mumbai, KMC college, Khopoli-Raigad have participated in this competition. The total number of students participated in this competition is 119 till the date. This competition has encouraged many beginners to become successful speaker and communicator.

6. Problems Encountered:

Vidya Mandir Mandal’s, Matoshree Sumati Chintamani Tipnis College’ is running on permanently non aided basis therefore it is difficult to arrange prize money, trophy, judges remuneration for the competition. The institute also announced to pay the Travelling allowances to the participants who are coming from out of the Mumbai for competition. Travelling allowances are being paid from the academic year 2021-22.


1. Title of the Practice: Financial Relief through installments of fees
2. Objectives of the Practice:

  • No one should deprive of higher education because of financial problem.
  • To provide monetary support to economically backward students through installment facility.
  • To promote welfare of society by fulfilling higher education needs.
  • To create co- operative and co-ordinate learner centric environment.

3. The Context feature:

    • Institution is situated in Mamdapur-Neral where large numbers of students who are
      belonging to backward classes get enroll for higher education.
    • Students from economically backward class can avail this benefit of installments in payment of fees
    • This relief supports students whose financial burden shift in small installments which results into continuation of higher education

4. The Practice:
At the beginning of every academic year those students who are having financial problems
apply to the Principal for installments in payment of fees by written application. After
considering economic condition of student The Principal allows installments facilities in
payment of fees. Generally students are requested to pay fees before ending of second term in suitable installments. Proper records of these students are maintained by administration

5. Evidence of Success:
The Number of students who have availed this benefit in last Five Year are as follows –

Sr. No. Year 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 Total
1. Number of students benefited 88 80 33 15 12 228

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

  • Institute is running on unaided basis hence it is difficult to provide such kind of facility.
  • Sometimes Recovery of balanced fees from students become challenging and may cause to bad debts for Institution but for the welfare of society the Institution is providing this facility
  • Since number of students who have applied for installments in payment of fees was more so it was difficult to select needy students.
  • As far as Recourses required for scheme most important was money management and needy students data was important.


1. Title of the Practice: Assistance in Online Scholarship Form Filling

2. Objectives of the Practice:

  • To provide assistance for online application of scholarship and freeship to students by filling their form in Institution.
  • To aware and educate student about online scholarship form filling.
  • No one should miss opportunity of higher education because of financial problem.
  • The Context feature:
    The institute is located in vicinity of Mamdapur-Neral whichcomes under rural area. Students who are take admission belong to economically backward families. Many of them are the first graduating students from their family. The parents and students are not aware about online
    process of applying scholarship or freeship of Maharashtra Government. Assistance in online scholarship form filling is given to students who want to apply for scholarship and freeship form.

4. The Practice:
The students who belong to reserve category are convinced to apply for government of
Maharashtra Scholarship and freeship so that they can be benefited by these schemes of
Maharashtra government. We analyzed that many students don’t have resources to fill online
forms like computer, internet facility, and they are not aware about the procedure of filling form. After considering all these reasons, Institution has decided to assist students for filling their online scholarship and freeship form in the institution. Those students who are eligible for scholarship and freeship of Maharashtra government need to apply online through official website The Institution provides assistance to such students
through filling their online forms before the last date of online form submission so that they
can get benefited by government scholarship. The institution administration department
takes responsibility of filling forms in time. After successful submission of scholarship forms,
the Institution takes follow up and if any queries arise then it is solved by administrative
department. We found out that by offering such assistance, number of students applying for
scholarship and freeship forms have been raised considerably.

5. Evidence of Success:

Sr. No. Year 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 Total
1. Scholarship forms fill by Institution 93 201 72 57 423

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

  • Some students fail to submit their documents in time so they don’t get that benefit.
  • Awareness issue amongst first year students