About Organization

Vidya Mandir Mandal Trust is a renowned educational institution constituted under Mumbai Public Trust Act,1950 and registered under Societies Act,1960, vide registration number F88/MUM/1953.  The organization is committed to provide quality education to students mainly from the Rural Area.

The Aims & Objectives of the Trust are as follows:

a) To establish and provide primary, secondary and higher education facilities as well as technical and agricultural education.

b) To carry out Research in all cadres of education as well as to uplift the common man so that he would be able to take technical education.

c) To establish Arts, Science, Commerceand Technical colleges

d) To Start Medical, Agriculture and Technical Educations courses as well as  schools and colleges.

e) To start Gymnasium and provide residential accommodation for staff and students.

f) To help in establishing Institutes on the terms and conditions of others and bring close associations amongst the Institutes.

g) To start various courses to give practical training and issue certificates accordingly.

h) To make students self-dependent by providing knowledge and skills of Agriculture Industry.

i) To prepare students for nation building by providing various types of educational activities in terms of the basic fabrics of the constitution of the institute.

2.1 The Trust is registered with the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai under No.F-88 of 1953. The Trust is also registered with the Commissioner of Income Tax, (DI Exempt) Mumbai, and is assessed to income tax by the I.T.O. Exemption No. 2(4), MUMBAI.

2.2  The PAN & TAN of the Trust are as under:
TAN : MUMV09025C

2.3 The donations to the Institute are  exempt u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. The certificate dated 11.06.2007 is for the period 01.04.2007 to 31.03.2010. In view of the Circular No. 7/2010 dated 25.10.2010 issued by the CBDT, the aforesaid certificate is in vogue even after 31.03.2010 till date.

To introduce quality education in Raigad District by providing and setting good standards with the help of dedicated, excellent, qualified, experienced and professional faculties.
To Provide not only the best education but also to create awareness and importance of education and guidance on ‘Personality Development’ for students especially from the rural area, which is essential to meet challenges of the 21st century.

HIstory of Matoshree Sumati Chintamani Tipnis College

Matoshree Sumati Chintamani Tipnis College of Arts & Commerce

Considering the demand for Sr. College from the local residents of Mamdapur and Neral, the Trust, in 2004 initiated the process to start Arts and Commerce Degree College at Mamdapur, Neral in the premises of the school
building, known as ʻDadasaheb Phadtare and Nadkarni Aaji Vidya Sankulʼ. The Government of Maharashtra, in 2008, approved the recommendation of Mumbai University to permit the Trust to start the Arts and Commerce College. Philanthropist, Shri. Jayantrao Tipnis, renowned Architect of Mumbai, donated a sum of Rs.21,00,000/- to the Trust to propagate the memory of his late mother Mrs. Sumati Chintamani Tipnis, by naming the College of Arts and Commerce College as ʻMatoshree Sumati Chintamani Tipnis College of Arts and Commerceʼ. Thus, in 2008, the Trust started Matoshree Sumati Chintamani Tipnis College of Arts and Commerce with 52 students at Mamdapur, Neral. Today, there are over 650 students in the   College.

The Matoshree Sumati Chintamani Tipnis College has started various advance computer courses such as Tally, Hardware Networking, DTP etc. not only for the students of Matoshree Sumati Chintamani Tipnis College but also for students living in the vicinity  of Neral and Karjat, Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra. Considering continuous increase in the number of Students of Arts and Commerce College, the Trust decided to have a separate independent building in the precincts of ‘Dadasaheb Phadtare and NadkarniAaji’ VidyaSankul. The Trust has constructed a four storey structure which provides 12 classrooms for accommodating 120 students in each class room, Principal Room, Teachers Room, Library, Computer labs, Ladies Common Room and all required facilities, as per the Mumbai University norms, Government directions and NAAC requirements,  at a cost of Rs. 8 Crores.


  1. To provide quality education to rural, tribal area and economically backward group students.
  2. To develop modern, progressive, dynamic and knowledgeable   students.
  3. To offer valuable higher education.
  4. To develop personality of students through extra- curricular activities, sports and National Service Scheme (N.S.S), Department of Life Long Learning and Extension (DLLE).
  5. To encourage socially and economically backward students.
  6. To educate all students with the help of professionally qualified teachers.
  7. To provide good infrastructure to all stakeholders.
  8. To offer incentives such as scholarships to poor, deserving sincere and scholar students, expose them to the outside environment.
  9. To develop ethics, qualities required for good citizen of India.